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Decrypting Smart Contract Auditors: Why Audita Stands Out for New Web3 Projects

Smart contract audits are essential for the success and security of Web3 projects. As the demand for smart contract auditors surges, selecting the right auditor becomes a critical decision. If you research what to look out for when choosing a smart contract auditor, you will realize that most smart contract auditing firms and potential clients agree on the following six factors: expertise, trust, process, communication, price, and timeframe.

Let’s look closer at each one of these elements and Audita’s approach to them.

Specialized Expertise of Audita’s team

Audita is lucky to work with a team of blockchain experts who have been involved in cybersecurity in the blockchain ecosystem and outside of blockchain. Our auditors have a proven track record of auditing complex smart contracts for almost a decade. With a strong understanding of the blockchain technology, our auditors are able to offer invaluable insights and recommendations tailored to the unique needs of Web3 projects.

Audita’s Reputation and Trust

Audita started exactly one year ago, in March 2023. Since then, we have successfully audited smart contracts of notable Web3 projects such as Botto and NFTPrompt. With a portfolio of successful audits and excellent testimonials from satisfied clients, we inspire trust and confidence in our ability to deliver superior smart contract audit reports. Learn more about how we won our clients’ trust in less than a year here.

Our ecosystem partners include prominent companies in the blockchain industry such as Elevenyellow, Carbono, 0xfusion, Peanut Trade, and Enflux. A mix of outstanding developers, market makers and consultants, our partnerships foster our commitment to assisting Web3 projects even outside of security scope.

Audita’s Process and Methodology

Audita performs an in-depth manual code review. Our auditors group up and extensively review the entire codebase with laser focus. This approach secures thorough coverage of all potential vulnerabilities and guarantees the reliability of audit findings.

Audita’s Transparent Communication

Audita prioritizes transparent communication throughout the audit process. We keep our clients informed and involved at every stage. Our accessible and responsive team is reachable by the

client at any time, ready to address questions and concerns, making sure our clients have the most collaborative and seamless audit experience possible.

Cost of Auditing Your Smart Contracts with Audita

Audita’s strategy is to remain cost-effective. We are particularly keen on offering budget-friendly smart contract audits to emerging Web3 companies and pay attention to bootstrapped start-ups who often can’t afford big auditing firms. On average, you can save as much as 40% if you decide to audit your smart contracts with us.

Timeframe: How long does Audita take to audit smart contracts?

Audita understands the importance of fast and efficient delivery in the fast-paced Web3 world. While the duration of the audit depends greatly on the complexity of smart contracts that need to be audited, based on our experience so far, we’ve never taken more than two weeks to complete an audit. We adhere to strict timelines, provide regular progress updates and deliver audit reports promptly to make sure our clients can deploy their code according to their roadmap.

Conclusion: Why Work With Audita?

As Web3 companies navigate the complex terrain of smart contract auditing, choosing the right auditor is extremely important. Audita offers deep expertise, reliability, and value. By partnering with us, Web3 companies protect their projects from preventable security errors and vulnerabilities in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Request an audit with us today!

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