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Премьер-криптовалюта в Африке Exchange раскрывает поразительные возможности

Bitfxt, Africa’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, has released new features.

The exchange, which is currently working, includes functions that allow users to complete transactions at maximum speed, spend their cryptocurrency without much effort, protect their investments as much as possible and receive amazing rewards. Some of these features include

  • Boundlesspay prepaid card, which is directly connected to user accounts,
  • An intelligent fallout function that allows users to earn monthly rewards in the form of various cryptocurrencies to place their coins.
  • A voting feature that helps users vote for their favorite coins to be listed on the exchange.
  • An IEO feature with which new projects are tested to provide users with access to new cryptocurrencies, which will be listed at lower prices.

  • A chat feature that facilitates communication between users.
  • A referral program that helps users get amazing rewards when they bring new people on board. And much more.

“Bitfxt is a masterpiece created from the desire to make the blockchain system easily accessible to the people of Africa. “We made a lot of efforts to ensure that we use the most advanced features that make it easier for people to have a pleasant trading experience,” said Franklin Peters, CEO of Bitfxt.

To bring it back to the community, Bitfxt launched the Initial Exchange Offer for Boundlesspay Coin (BXTC) on two platforms: and The initial exchange offer (IEO) will be valid for 30 days, and about three million coins will be available to the general public with a premium for this period of time. At the end of IEO, trading on Bxtc on the Shortex exchange, the Bitfxt exchange and other exchanges will begin, which will be announced shortly.

“The value of this coin is that it is a service token that can be used around the world. It can be used to pay for services such as utility bills, topping up a mobile phone bill, subscribing to data, and booking airline tickets and hotels. These payments can be made at a discount on our platform, which is one of the innovations created by Bitfxt, ”added Franklin Peters.

As an impressive experience of providing solutions that truly work and are used by thousands of people around the world, Bitfxt is constantly striving for excellence. A prepaid unlimited prepaid card allows users to freely spend their cryptocurrency, and the entire ecosystem is focused on promoting the implementation of cryptocurrency around the world. In addition, a special team of experts works tirelessly to ensure that users have a pleasant experience using the platform and not experience any difficulties.

Bitfxt currently works on Twitter and Instagram. Interested members can join their friends to follow @bitfxt, add posts, and mention their names in the comment sections. The person with the most invited subscribers wins.

About Bitfxt:

Bitxt is one of the best digital currency companies in the world. with a team of more than 60 experts in technology and finance, working in several countries and on different continents. Our products and services allow people and enterprises to easily, safely, store, buy, use and learn about digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Our vision is to empower billions of people by bringing digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to everyone.

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